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2011 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout class winner at 84mph which also tied the Professional winner in our boat class!


We have been quite busy, after 20 years of Motorcycle Drag Racing and 25 years in the fire service, I have recently retired from both.  We have our hands in several other pies now. Motorcycle service and repair is still our bread and butter and we now provide mobile service with our shop on wheels. Our new product is keeping us busy.


Est. in 1986 Underdog Racing has won Numerous Drag Racing Championships including 2 AMA National Championships riding a Factory Supported Yamaha Drag Bike. Mark has run a best of 7.3 sec. ¼ miles at over 170mph on a nitrous bike.

Daughter, Lacey, ran the Alltel S/C Dragster in the 8s at 170mph at age 16.

Prior to that, she ran Jr. Drag Bikes and Jr. Dragsters for several years.


I’d really like to get involved in Offshore Racing soon.


“Bottom line is my family was raised at the track, I have been racing something for 40 years…

It’s in the blood… you can run and hide for a while… but there is no escape for a true competitor.” Mark Underwood




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