Underdog Racing’s patent pending above dash mechanical trim tab and drive indicators are an affordable high performance upgrade for your boat which also frees up valuable dash space for GPS and additional gages.


Our clear acrylic indicators are laser cut and permanently etched scale made to provide years of corrosion free service. Each stick has a LED light installed for night time illumination available in various colors. . We stock red, white and blue and more.


A threaded base is chemically welded to the sticks and attaches to the standard Morse type cables (10x32) installed and used almost exclusively in the powerboat industryIncludes an acrylic brushed stainless appearing bezel, stainless lock nuts, sticks with installed lights and free shipping in the US. International shipping usually around $35 worldwide. I have sold over 150 sets and shipped to 14 countries so farJ




You can reuse and reposition your existing cable holders or order one of our custom CNC aluminum mounts to place your indicators where you want them and can see them. An FAQ is further down this page including the most common question about mounting and measurement needed.




Our clear sticks with a white etched scale as shown below in the compass mount of

The Speed Racer Cigarette.





Sets of 3 or 4 sticks with bezel as shown including LEDs are still only $165.

2 stick sets are $125 and a single stick is $100 including LEDs and bezel.

Sets for triples engines available too.


 Our CNC made universal aluminum cable mounts are only $95 for 4 slots (used for 3 or 4 cables) and $75 for 2 slot.

For example 3-4 stick set 165 with holder 260 shipped in US and PR


PayPal, credit cards and personal checks are accepted.

To order call, text or email Mark@UnderdogRacing.com today.


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Our new universal cable holders allow mounting where you want if you don’t have an existing holder.

I can also show you how to re-use your existing Kiekhaefer unit and we have special bezels which align with those holders.



You need about 4” above the dash for the stick to protrude. Standard Morse cables have 3.5” of travel. The Trim-Sticks can be mounted on an angle up to about 30 degrees.


Below the dash you need about 10” depending on dash thickness. The holders are 3 1/8” tall by 1 ¼” thick.  4” wide for the 4 slot and 2” wide for the 2 slot holders.

Shown is a display unit showing the mount and sticks in a mock up dash. Also a gunnel side mount on an angle set-up using the original Keikehfer in my Velocity. The new universal holders can also be mounted like this as well.



The cables with sticks attached are about 6” above the mount when fully extended to the top of the stick base. You’ll need about 9” – 9 ½” from the bottom of the mount to the bottom of your dash. Then you also want at least 4-6” to allow for cable bend below the mount.


The standard included bezels are all 5” x 1 ½” ovals with the required number of holes. I like to attach with only a thin bead of silicone. Easily removed to clean or replace. Some guys use 3m tape too. They are only to guide the sticks and cover the slot cut in your dash.


You will have to find a solid surface below where you want your sticks to protrude. All boats are different but most have a bulkhead behind the dash to mount the holder to. Another easy method is to mount to the gunnel with a small piece of aluminum angle. Depending on your boat and desired location you may have to get a little creative.


I suggest attaching the cables to the new holder first after taping the wires up to the sticks to avoid twisting the wire leads off the LEDs. Solder after final set-up. Set your drives and tabs all perfectly level with the hull. Make sure the cable ends are all even. Especially drives and tabs being even with each other. Ideally all 4 even. You can adjust your cables on the back of the boat. Obviously you can also adjust the stick height on the ends of the cables as well to get them all perfect.


When you slide them up through the dash you want them showing 5s all the way across for neutral trim then mount your cable holder at that position/height.


Please let me know if you have any trouble. I'm always glad to help. If you are having too much trouble, feel free to send me a couple pics where you want to mount and we'll figure it out


This product is made in the USA by a boater just supporting the habitJ Satisfaction guaranteed. Mark Underwood


To order call or text 740-623-1321or email Mark@UnderdogRacing.com





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